Our Stay in Seattle.

A few summers ago I fell in love with the west coast. The mountains, the ocean, and the amazing city life. I’d truly move there in a heartbeat if the housing market wasn’t so crazy expensive. A few summers ago, I traveled to Vancouver and this time around we opted for an american city and … Continue reading Our Stay in Seattle.

Romantic weekend getaways.

Being students, so far my boyfriend and I have chosen to go on weekend getaways nearby. We can’t wait until our adventures can be taken abroad but for now, these are still amazing memories! I’ve decided to put these two trips in one post to give inspiration from different types of romantic getaways we’ve been … Continue reading Romantic weekend getaways.

West coast, best coast.

Back in June, my Grandma and I traveled across the country and spent a week exploring the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. I have been meaning to write about our trip, but with a busy summer working at the pool and a crazy fall semester of nursing school…here I am, six months later and I … Continue reading West coast, best coast.

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