Making our house a home.

A few months ago after a crazy time searching in the booming Ottawa real estate market, my partner and I bought our first home together. Thinking back, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt “at home” where I lived and I can honestly say I’m thriving with that feeling. My parents divorced after elementaryContinue reading “Making our house a home.”

Making my mental health a priority.

I have always been aware that my mental health is something I will need to nurture throughout my life – periods of anxiety, anger, and even depression would consume me as a teen and in university and I wouldn’t let myself address them as a priority. School, work, and other commitments – striving to accomplishContinue reading “Making my mental health a priority.”

Girls Getaway to the Eastern Townships.

If you live in Ottawa and you haven’t heard of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, you definitely need to check them out. Imagine the most beautiful farm country you’ve ever seen with the Appalachian mountain ranges in the distance. That is the Eastern Townships. Vickie, the voice behind Girl Gone Good and I decided to hitContinue reading “Girls Getaway to the Eastern Townships.”