The second year reflection.

Where do I even begin? Sometimes I find it crazy to think I have only been a nurse for two years…most days I am so grateful for this career I’ve chosen, others make me question why I put myself through it on a daily basis.

My second year of nursing brought on a lot of change for me. I moved from a crazy busy schedule, trying to balance my work between two hospitals, to a focus on pediatric oncology and hematology. This change of pace was just what I needed, even if I didn’t know it when I was working those crazy hours before. I have always had a passion for this kind of nursing and being able to specialize and learn so much more about this field has been so valuable to my practice.

I have discovered a much better work life balance this year. Focusing on work during my 4 days on, then having the 5 days off to relax and focus on my own needs, my friends + family. Nursing is a job where you need to compartmentalize to a degree otherwise you will burn out. Taking time off and away from work is so important which I am now so much more aware of after reaching a point of burn out only one year in.

Year 1 was scary, so many new experiences and opportunities… year 2 felt more stable, like I might just be getting the hang of this nursing thing. I feel honored to be able to train new nurses and be a nurse that people feel comfortable approaching with questions and I hope to take this role a step further in my third year of nursing.

It’s also been a very tough year to be a nurse all over the world. I am so glad I had some knowledge and experience under my belt before COVID 19 really threw us through a loop. I am very lucky I wasn’t directly affected by it in my work place, but my partner and so many other nurses I know were and will continue to face the challenges this disease brings for the indefinite future.

My work place has definitely gone through it’s own challenges. We have lost some really special little patients who fought so hard right until their very last breath. Being witness to these patients passing, doing everything you can to keep the patient comfortable and to support the families through the absolute worst days of their life, can really take a toll on you emotionally. I am not a religious person, but being present for these moments really makes you think of your own spirituality and the purpose of life when life is lost so young. I have seen so much love from my job. Watching parents providing care for their children in such hard circumstances really makes you believe in love.

I hope year 3 brings more experiences and opportunity for growth in this career I have chosen. To all the patients and families I have had the pleasure to care for, to all the wonderful coworkers I have worked with and learned from, to the beautiful life journey nursing has taken me on, thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes to all the amazing moments life brings and also the difficult ones too.

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