Making my mental health a priority.

I have always been aware that my mental health is something I will need to nurture throughout my life – periods of anxiety, anger, and even depression would consume me as a teen and in university and I wouldn’t let myself address them as a priority. School, work, and other commitments – striving to accomplish too much – would hold me back from taking the time to admit to myself that I was struggling.

It’s only been the past year or so that I’ve been so much more aware that allowing myself the chance to care and nurture my mental health is what I need to do to be happy and successful in all aspects of life – my relationships, my career, even just my daily life.

I’ve dealt with some stuff over the past year – letting go of people that were important in my life, but who aren’t caring about me anymore as well as finding stability and changing the way I want to manage my work-life balance. I’ve been allowing myself the opportunity to address these things and be open with my friends + family about how I’m doing, but also admitting to myself that I need help to get through this.

During different times of my life, therapy has really helped me as a tool. I sought out someone that I could really connect with on more of a long term basis. This time around I was not in crisis mode, I gave myself the opportunity to get help and be open before I got to this level.

I had plenty of immediate things I needed to address, but because I got help, I am now in more of a maintenance mode. Despite the fact that the things I am struggling with are still real to me on a daily basis, I have the tools and mindset to continue to live and be happy. This is a new mindset for me, but one that I plan to carry forward with me. And I don’t plan on stopping therapy any time soon, now it’s just a part of my self care routine.

On my own time I have started writing a journal. As I fill up pages with my feelings about different things, I realize that sharing some of this might be beneficial to opening up conversation with others about how I have been addressing my mental health and that it’s okay to admit that you are struggling.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable and open up with my friends and family in a different way has been pivotal to my mental health and how I deal with these situations. This has allowed new kinds of conversations, and creating more real connections.

(And side note, as I wrap up this post, the perfect song just came on my Spotify – “Broken & Beautiful” by Kelly Clarkson...describes exactly how I feel – definitely go have a listen).

Everyone has their stuff, we’re all a little broken, but that’s what makes the beautiful parts of us. Being vulnerable is a beautiful thing. So open up. Admit it if you are struggling and get the help you need.

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