Our Stay in Seattle.

A few summers ago I fell in love with the west coast. The mountains, the ocean, and the amazing city life. I’d truly move there in a heartbeat if the housing market wasn’t so crazy expensive. A few summers ago, I traveled to Vancouver and this time around we opted for an american city and chose to travel to Seattle.

Besides Grey’s Anatomy, Amazon, and Starbucks…that’s about all I knew about Seattle which made it quite intriguing to choose as a travel destination. We totally lucked out with the weather and only had one somewhat rainy day, which I know, is normally unheard of. In choosing Seattle, we had no idea all the amazing views, activities, and food we would have in store until we started doing some research about the city. Some of our trip we planned out, other parts we decided spontaneously when we got there.


Just like other city trips we’ve done, we opted to stay in an Airbnb and couldn’t have been happier with our decision. Our place was right downtown, just a few minute walk from the light rail we took from the airport which made it super cheap and convenient to get there after a long day’s flight.

Our Airbnb was off of Pike Street and very central in the city, which made it super easy to hop around to different areas of the city whether it be on foot, bike, or by lyft or uber. The place itself was cozy and modern making it a great place to relax after a long day of exploring. We were also able to cook a few of our meals to help save a bit of money on our trip.

Day 1: Settle in.


Mostly a travel day, day one was spent getting up super early to catch our flight. On the way there we decided to do a three-leg flight which was a bit cheaper so we went Ottawa-Toronto-Vancouver-Seattle. The trip was fairly seamless, which we were grateful for. We decided to only pack carry on to prevent losing any luggage with so many flights. Definitely recommend snagging a window seat on this cross-country flight because the mountain views are spectacular.

pike place view

Once we arrived in Seattle, we hopped on the light rail from the airport terminal that took us downtown. After we unpacked we walked down to Pike Place Market to grab a bite to eat.

lowell's wine

It was a gorgeous sunny evening and we stumbled across this place called Lowell’s with big windows looking out at the Seattle harbor. We both opted for some fresh local seafood dishes and some pacific northwest wine. Wiped after a long day of travel we head back to pass out for the night.

Day 2: Capitol Hill, City Centre, and Amazon.


Thanks to the three hour time difference we woke up bright and early for our first full day in Seattle. We opted to grab breakfast out on this day and chose the Wandering Goose in the Capitol Hill area for some yummy southern-style breakfast skillets.


After breakfast we took a walk around the streets of Capitol Hill and looked at some beautiful old Seattle homes…obviously way out of our budget, but of course fun to dream. We stumbled on Volunteer Park, a neighborhood park with lush big trees and gorgeous gardens. In the middle of the park you can climb an old water tower for a great view of the city below.

IMG-1334        IMG-8483

From walking around Capitol Hill we discovered tons of Lime bikes on the streets. The lime bikes could be rented using an app and were a fun way to explore the city. This was the moment we discovered how steep and scary some of the streets of Seattle are on electric bikes. We biked by Lake Union and checked out some of the iconic houseboats.

IMG-8520 Since it was a bit rainy that day, we thought this would be a good day for some touristy activities, so we biked to the Seattle City Centre. Before arriving in Seattle we had purchased the Seattle City Pass online which made visiting these attractions a lot more reasonable. We were able to visit three of the places on the city pass that afternoon – The Space Needle, Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum, and MoPop

We headed to the Amazon Spheres where we checked out the Deep Dive bar, a very classy place to grab some crafty cocktails. Quite pricey so we only had one, but still a great experience. IMG-8549


Right down the road we went to the Amazon Go store to grab some groceries for our place. Amazon Go is not like any other store I’ve been to. To buy your groceries, all you have to do is download the amazon go app, tap into the store, grab the groceries you want from the shelves, and walk out. Then everything you take shows up in your virtual cart and you get charged from the app. The store has everything from fresh produce, meal kits, basic ingredients, to beer, wine, and snacks.

Day 3: Pike Place Market and Starbucks Reserve.

To start the day we walked to a local coffee shop downtown called Victrola Coffee Roasters to grab a latte. I love checking out local coffee joints in all the cities I travel to and this one did not disappoint.


From there we walked down to Pike Place Market, a place both of us were super excited to check out. Even in the middle of the week the market was so lively with locals and tourists shopping for fresh produce, seafood, local goods, and some absolutely random treasures. We checked out the Great Gum Wall of Seattle – a super gross but colourful photo op. gum wallFrom there we watched the infamous fish toss at the Pike Place Fish Market and saw some stands full of gorgeous tulip bunches. We grabbed some clam chowder from Pike Place Chowder for lunch. We decided to try the sampler pack so we could have four types, and this was definitely the best chowder I’ve ever had.


We grabbed some mini donuts from the Daily Dozen for dessert and walked over to the Original Starbucks but we were quickly detoured by the huge line down the street. Ah well…at least I got a picture in front of it.IMG-8629

We spent a few hours wandering the shops around Pike Place. I had no idea how big and confusing the market actually was and they sell some very weird stuff. We grabbed some local beers at the Seattle Beer Co. and took the most touristy photo of our whole trip in front of the market sign.


From there I was having some starbucks FOMO, so we head to the Starbucks Reserve & Roastery, which we realized was two blocks down the road from where we were staying.

I literally found my coffee heaven at the Starbucks Reserve. Since it was later in the day we decided to try their cold brew bar and get some coffee cocktails (and don’t worry I came back twice for coffee during the trip). I got an espresso martini and Brad got a whisky cloud. F8CA57A4-59E0-4568-9B66-26951210F174

After Starbucks we decided to check out Rumba, a rum bar with strong drinks and tasty tacos.

rumbaWe were able to sit outside because Seattle was having some summer weather which was super nice. If it looks like we spent most of our trip eating, that is very correct. Both of us love trying new restaurants when we travel.

Day 4: Underground Tour, Smith Tower, and more Starbucks.

Day 4 was a more low-key day and was spent learning some Seattle history. We decided to check out the Seattle Underground Tour. The guide was hilarious and it was an interesting way to learn about the city.


From there we stumbled on the Smith Tower, also in the Pioneer Square area and decided to head up for a drink and some food. You head up an old-fashioned elevator with an attendant and you arrive to the top to a 1920s style cocktail bar with amazing views of the city and harbor below. We each grabbed a drink and tried some local oysters and a charcuterie board with local meats and cheese.


We were feeling particularly tired that day so we decided to head back to the Starbucks Reserve for an afternoon pick me up. This time we decided to check out the experience bar where you can get a flight of reserve coffees brewed using siphons. Looked like some coffee science to me.


That evening we just relaxed in our Airbnb and cooked one of our Amazon meal kits. I’m such a go-go personality when I travel that sometimes I have to stop myself and remember to take some time to rest as well, otherwise it’s easy to burnout and not feel refreshed when you return from a trip.

Day 5: Aquarium, Kerry Park, Fremont, and Canon Bar.

Our last day in Seattle we started by trying some nitro cold brew at Anchorhead Coffee Co. and grabbed some brunch at Lola before we head to the Seattle Aquarium (part of our city pass) to check out the fish and sea otters. We found the aquarium to be a better attraction for families so we only spent a little while there because there were so many kids and school groups.

IMG-8804 (1)IMG-8809otter

We grabbed some lime bikes from there and rode up to Kerry Park to see the “best view” of Seattle. The bike ride up, even with an e-bike was a steep climb for sure, but definitely worth it for the amazing city view at the top.


We headed to the Fremont area check out Fremont Brewing, where we enjoyed some delicious craft beer and a nice sunny day on their patio. We had no idea Seattle would have so many craft beers, so that was a nice surprise. Right near the brewery was the Fremont Troll, which I remembered from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.

After an afternoon of beers we headed to Canon, a restaurant that Brad and I had been looking forward to the most – rated the #6 best bar in the world and had america’s largest spirit collection. We decided to sit at the bar for the experience and to watch the bar tenders at work. We each had some very interesting cocktails and the food was delicious.

Day 6: See you later Seattle.

Sadly it was time to say goodbye to Seattle, but there is no doubt that I’ll be back to the West Coast. Next time I want to do a west coast road trip from Vancouver to California. I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration for what to do, eat, and see in this beautiful city. Totally recommend this wonderful city for a trip!

seattle sky line

5 thoughts on “Our Stay in Seattle.

  1. Loved your Blog. Been there twice. We were lucky to spend time with relatives both visits so our experiences were very different from yours. My personal favourites were the Market, Chihuly glass exhibits and seafoods.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I realized that Ross and Donna live in Seattle! Am I right? Will definitely be back on the west coast for sure and I’ll be sure to connect with them next time!


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