A foodie getaway in Quebec City.

A love for trying new foods and restaurants is something my boyfriend and I share and is often a big part of our weekend getaways. Last weekend we hopped in the car, put on a good audio book, and set off for Quebec City. About a five hour drive from Ottawa, Quebec City is home to some of the country’s best food.

Day 1 – Travel + Check In


The Airbnb we booked was about a 20 minute walk from the old city. Located in Saint Roch, a hip and trendy local area home to some of the best restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. Our Airbnb was a great size and well decorated.

We knew it would be a very chilly weekend so we brought our parkas and good walking boots and were ready to bundle up. Quebec City is a great city to walk, but get ready for some steep streets and lots of stairs.

unnamed (1)

The first night when we arrived we decided to hit up a local micro brewery a couple minutes from our place called Griendel: Brasserie Artisanale. A cozy bar, full of locals, it was a great casual place to enjoy our first night in the city. We both tried some of the breweries own beers and ate some delicious comfort food.

Tired after a day of traveling we headed back to our place to get a good nights sleep before the busy Saturday we had planned.

Day 2 – Food and History Tour

When we woke up the next morning we decided to throw on our warm clothes and hit the town bright and early in search of some good coffee and brunch. On our way to breakfast, we found Nektar Cafeologue for a warm latte to break up the cold walk to the restaurant we had chosen.

Up the steep stairs to the upper city, we were glad when we arrived at Hobbit Bistro to find a quaint cozy little restaurant not far from the old city. With a table by the cozy fireplace and some farm to table bennies, we really enjoyed the vibe of this brunch spot we’d chosen.

After our bellies were full, we decided to head towards the old city to check out it’s beautiful streets and history. Walking through the fortified walls surrounding the city, it feels like you’ve gone back in time the minute you enter the city.

unnamed (9)unnamed (8)

We quickly realized even the clothes we thought were decent were not warm enough for how windy the upper city was. We both had to stop in a boutique to each grab a warm scarf.

In the old city we first walked to the Chateau Frontenac, checking out some local cheese shops and wine shops on the way. We decided to check out a museum right beside the Chateau Frontenac to brush up on our Canadian history. We stopped at the Musée du Fort for a sound and lights show, a nice quick and easy way to learn about the incredible history behind this timeless city.

unnamed (10)

Another stop we made was the Notre-Dame Basilica, Canada’s oldest catholic cathedral. Although neither of us are religious, we were both the awe of the beautiful architecture and attention to detail in the church.

After some history we decided to venture down the many stairs to the lower town of the city to check out the famous Rue de Petit Champlain. A street that feels like it should be in Europe, Champlain has lots of little boutiques and restaurants to explore. Still decorated with Christmas lights, the lower town honestly felt like the perfect winter wonderland.

unnamed (12)

To warm up from the cold, we decided to grab some spiked coffees at a tiny hole in the wall pub called Le Pape Georges. I think there was about 4 tables and they were playing some awesome classic rock songs to sing along to. It made for a nice place to warm up from the cold and take a break from all the walking.

After we warmed up we had a bit more time to kill before the food tour that we had booked for the evening so we decided to check out another museum. Located in the lower town, The Museum of Civilization was an intriguing collection of man-made objects from history. A little abstract for my taste of museums, but none the less interesting enough to pass some time while we waited for our tour.

Once we left the museum it was time to head to the first stop of the food tour we booked with Airbnb. A gourmet food and history tour, we had the chance to experience a taste of some of the best restaurants in the old city. We met up with our guide and two other girls joining us on the tour, a nice intimate group to explore with.

unnamed (15)

Our tour started with an amuse-bouche at Sapristi Bistro. We were served a delicious italian risotto paired with some Cab Sauvignon which really started the tour on the right foot.

Next we followed our guide as she gave us a little tour of the lower town of the city. She pointed our the differences between the French-inspired architecture and the British-style all mixed together, an ode to the history of the city.

Our next stop was a bar called Artefact, located in the Auberge Saint Antoine hotel. The name was fitting as when they built the hotel they found many artifacts from the reminisce of the old city when they were digging, which they displayed in the walls of the bar. At this bar we enjoyed a charcuterie of  Quebec cured meats and pate, paired with a local Riesling.

After Artefact we ventured up to the upper part of the old city by taking the Funiculaire, an elevator up the cliff, a nice alternative to the million of stairs to get up otherwise. Back at the top we headed towards one of the most famous restaurants of the old city, Le Continental. We had a delicious shrimp flambé cooked right at our table, which was quite the dining experience.

unnamed (18)

Our fourth stop was Bistro 1640 for some farm to table beef bourguignon paired with a delicious Merlot. A cozy ambiance, they had a live pianist playing some classic songs while we dined, very classy indeed.

To finish off the night we headed to a local bakery and coffee shop called La Maison Smith to try some macaroons and local coffee. A nice way to end off the evening.

unnamed (20)

Overall we loved the food tour and felt like it was great a great way to explore a few different places without breaking the bank.

After the food tour we were stuffed, so we called an uber and got back to our Airbnb relatively early and called it a night.



Day 3 – Chill Sunday

Waking up on Sunday we were still recovering from all the walking from the day before and didn’t really feel a rush to go out super early. I cozied up on the couch with good book while I waited for Brad to wake up.

unnamed (22)

We started our low-key Sunday on a hunt for crepes. Unfortunately due to the new year schedule, a few of the places we were hoping to go were not open until the end of January. We settled for the cheesy Au Petit Coin Breton, but nonetheless delicious Quebec style crepes. Right down the street, I tried a croissant from the famous Quebec City bakery called Paillard, seriously one of the best croissants I’ve ever had!

unnamed (23)

We went back to the Rue de Petit Champlain to a ciderie, called Le Pedneault to taste some iced ciders, which is a unique Quebec specialty. We ended up buying a few bottles to bring home to share with our families because they were just too tasty to pass up.

A gorgeous sunny day, gave us some beautiful views of the Chateau Frontenac from the lower town of the city.

unnamed (24)unnamed (25)

Brad was anxious to watch the football game, so we found an Irish pub to chill for the afternoon. A few beers and pub eats and we were happy. That night we headed back to our place to have a night in. We ordered some pizza from a local place, drank some wine, and watched a movie to end our trip off.

It was a weekend full of delicious food and quality time with my man, a great start to the new year! With so much history and culture to experience, I highly recommend Quebec City as the perfect weekend getaway.


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