Finding your work life balance.

This is a concept I’ve been working to master the past four years of university…and I’m still a long way yet from finding that balance! One of my goals when I finished high school was to prioritize the other aspects of my life other than work and school and during university sometimes I felt like I had a grasp on this concept, and other times I felt totally bogged down with the stress.

What I realized though was that I wasn’t my happiest when all I cared about were my achievements. I’m someone who thrives off of social interaction and having new experiences and I had to make these a priority in order to achieve my balance.

Your balance isn’t someone else’s balance. It is YOURS. Find what works for you and be open to experiment. What works at certain points in your life, may not work at others. For instance, being a brand new nurse is exhausting, so I have to be willing to let myself take my days off to relax and recuperate.

All I can say is be adaptable. But always come back to the question…am I happy? In my life, in my work? If the answer is no, try something else. Being a nurse can be a stressful career, but it can also be so rewarding. I love my work. I learn something new everyday. I work with amazing people. I get to care for my patients during some of the toughest times in their lives. I’ve realized the key to surviving in such a tough profession is by maintaining a good work life balance. Here are some of the ways I do so…

Spending time with friends.

My friends are some of the best people I know! We have the most amazing chats and I always feel so refreshed after spending time with them! As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that quality over quantity is what I value in friendships. Cutting ties from toxic relationships was a huge step to achieve my balance.

Cooking at home with your s/o or roommates.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years and now that we live together I realize the importance of just spending time together relaxing at home. He loves to cook and I am trying to learn, so we love putting on some good tunes, opening a bottle of wine, and trying some new recipes. Recently we ordered a Goodfood box (Get 40% off your first box with my promo code) to try and we loved it! Perfect for weeks that are a little busier with work, to still prioritize some time together and eating yummy, healthy food.

Planning staycations.

Staycations are a great way to plan something to look forward to without breaking the bank! I can’t wait for some bigger travels soon, but during university staycations were an easier way to squeeze in some adventures. For my birthday, Brad and I rented a cute little cabin in Chelsea from Airbnb, cooked a delicious dinner, and then did a day at the Nordik spa! So relaxing!

Setting workout goals/doing group classes.

I find exercise can be a great way to de-stress from the work, trust me though I’m still working on being consistent with my workouts. I find setting goals like running a race, can really help to keep you accountable. Earlier in the summer I did the Sporting Life 10k to raise money for Camp Ooch which was such a beautiful run along the canal.

I also love doing yoga classes or Goodlife group workouts as I find working out with others helps to keep me motivated as well!

Cherishing some me time.

IMG_5307I used to hate being by myself, but now I cherish the moments I have alone. In my job I spend most of my day interacting with my coworkers and my patients, so on my days off I enjoy spending some of my time on my own. Now that I finally don’t have to study, I’m excited to write blog posts, read some good books that have been sitting on my shelve, do some hikes, and check out new coffee shops around Ottawa. It’s a weird feeling not having to go back to school in September but I’m so excited for the things I can do on my day off.

I hope this post can inspire you with some of the ways I find my work life balance. I can’t stress enough to find a balance that works for YOU. It is sometimes tough to separate from school and work, but it is so important to keep your stress levels down and maximize your happiness. Thanks for reading!

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