Girl on the move.

I am the queen of moving! Over the past four years of university I have lived in four different places with many roommate situations.

Honestly, I’d call myself an expert mover at this point, a trait I take pride in. I’ve had to be adaptable and creative in all the places and situations I’ve lived in. I’ve had so many experiences moving over the past few years that I wouldn’t change for the world. Moving so much has given me the chance to go through my stuff and decide what I wanted to keep and what I no longer needed. Each move has been so refreshing.



In first year, I shared a tiny double room with my friend from high school. It was an experience I am so glad I had, but one I never want to have again. We bought matching bedding and decor so our room looked super cute and did a great job at maximizing our storage space. The key to surviving in residence is only bringing the essentials and maximizing every inch of space without making too much clutter. Also having a great roommate is also a plus!




In second year, I lived in a two bedroom apartment on Rideau St with a friend from nursing. For the price we paid our place was super spacious and had that lovely old character of a lot of downtown Ottawa apartments. Unfortunately with that character came some issues desperately needing some upgrading, which was ultimately a big reason we decided not to stay in that place. The one plus to this place was how awesome my room was…it was huge! That room was probably the most well organized and decorated of all my places so it was definitely bittersweet to leave.




In third year, I moved to a townhouse near Hurdman Station which was super ideal for all the bus travel I had to do to school and clinical placements. I lived with three roommates – two a year ahead in nursing and one from Carleton. Living with this many people was a new experience for me, but it was such a fun year. My room in this place was pretty cozy, so I made more space by taking the sliding doors off my closet and putting my dresser in there. The upside to this place was how much storage we had with a garage and basement so I didn’t have to squeeze my ski equipment or winter stuff in this room.




In fourth year, my mom decided to move to Ottawa. All my roommates from the previous year graduated and moved home so my mom and I decided to get a place together. We found an awesome building right beside the hospital which was super convenient for getting to classes and consolidation. Definitely a little out of my personal price range, so I was very grateful to have my mom here and it was fun to live together again under different circumstances. My room in this place was spacious and had an ensuite which was a nice bonus.


Whether you’re off to university, or just want to update your space I hope my rooms can provide you with some inspiration! Each room reflects my growth throughout these four years and each one brings back so many memories.

Now to start packing again for yet another move, but this one I’m super excited about. In August, I’m moving in with my boyfriend of two years and taking a big step in our relationship. It’s going to be an interesting adventure trying to fit our mutual stuff into a 550 square foot apartment and to share one closet, but I’m actually excited to get rid of some of my unnecessary things as I transition into adult life.

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