Romantic weekend getaways.

Being students, so far my boyfriend and I have chosen to go on weekend getaways nearby. We can’t wait until our adventures can be taken abroad but for now, these are still amazing memories!

I’ve decided to put these two trips in one post to give inspiration from different types of romantic getaways we’ve been on…winter in Montreal and summer in Niagara/Toronto!

Winter: Montreal

Day 1 – All-You-Can-Eat Tacos and an Icy Hike

For a winter getaway, we opted to take the train instead of driving since it was January and winter in Ottawa/Quebec can be pretty unpredictable! This meant we could both enjoy some reading for pleasure as we were both on winter break. When we arrived in Montreal our Airbnb was walking distance from the train station. We were so happy when we arrived at our spacious and chic studio apartment right in the heart of downtown Montreal!

That night we headed to a place we had been recommended for all you can eat tacos called M Burrito! Food was good and prices were super reasonable. We totally stuffed our faces and then decided we better do something active to burn off all the calories. So, we headed to Mont Royale to hike up to see the view, well worth the very, very icy hike (definitely do not recommend those stairs in the winter!).


Day 2 – Exploring and eating our way through Old Montreal

The next day we made breakfast at our place and ventured off to Old Montreal to do some exploring. There was a coffee shop I had seen online and was dying to try. Built into an old historic bank building Crew Collective & Café did not disappoint!


We wandered the beautiful streets of Old Montreal and took some cliché instagram pics (Brad’s totally loves being my instagram husband…jokes). Being January, we soon couldn’t feel our feet anymore so we decided to escape the cold by checking out the Montreal Science Centre. We totally loved this museum, being the science nerds we are!

We had plans to check out the Notre-Dame Basilica but were disappointed when we arrived an realized you had to pay admission to get in. So instead we admired the beautiful church from the outside.

Right down the street we found Tommy, another coffee shop I wanted to try! The coffee was amazing, the lunch was delicious, and the ambiance felt European! I swear I plan my trip around coffee shops…


After lunch we headed back to our place to get ready for our fancy dinner we had planned. When we were booking our trip we knew Montreal had some amazing fine dining restaurants, although a bit of a splurge for us the place we picked did not disappoint…we got all dressed up and opted to Uber over because no one likes walking in heels!


The restaurant we chose was Bonaparte in Old Montreal and it was so good. We opted to sit in “The Centre Hall” area for a cozy and romantic ambiance. The food was delicious and the wine was to die for. Needless to say, we felt pretty fancy.

Day 3 – Home Time

Sadly, our last day, but we really made the most of every second we were there. We checked out one last cafe right by our air bnb and packed up for our train. I was pleasently surprised to find this cafe served the same coffee from one of my favourite coffee shops in Vancouver, 49th Parallel. Unfortunately I totally forget the name!


Summer: Toronto and Niagara

For a summer getaway, we drove to Toronto to see some friends and also enjoy a weekend in the city, something I’d never done before being from the GTA. We started our trip with a stop in Niagara as the two are so close!

Day 1 – Niagara Falls

Our trip started with a trip to Niagara to see the infamous falls do some wine tasting with my mom. Niagara Falls provided the perfect backdrop for some super cliché tourist pics, but also a lot of fun! We met up with our friend from the area and played some cheesy Dinosaur Mini Golf and checked out the Falls of course!

Day 2 – Niagara Wine Tour

The next day we tasted our way through some of Niagara’s most gorgeous vineyards with my mom. Each one had it’s own unique ambiance and allowed us to try some new Canadian wines we had never tried. I myself had already been wine tasting in Niagara so we opted to try some wineries that were new for all of us. Honestly I’m no wine critic so I’ll just let you enjoy some photos of our tour…

Peller Estates

Wayne Gretsky Estates

Inniskillin Wines

Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate

Stratus Vineyards


Day 3 – Jays Game

Our first night in Toronto I took Brad to a Jays Game for his birthday. Before the game we grabbed a bite to eat and some drinks on the patio at Hunter’s Landing right down the street from the stadium. Seemed like other game go-ers had the same idea but it made for a fun pre-game activity.

The game was tons of fun, we had seats right behind home plate that we got for super cheap on SeatGeek. It was fan appreciation night so they had a concert an activities outside the stadium to get everyone pumped up before the game. Sadly we lost, but it was still lots of fun to see a live game!

Day 4 – Kensington Market, The ROM, and Jazz Bar

For our weekend in Toronto we opted for a studio apartment (maybe a little too small, but still nice) in Liberty Village. This meant we were close to public transportation and walking distance from some downtown attractions. Unfortunately the only pictures I have are ones I took because the place we stayed is no longer available on Airbnb.


We headed to Kensington Market to grab some breakfast at Bacon Nation and checked out the streets and shops in Kensington.

I love all the culture and colour the paint the streets of Kensington and I always love checking out new coffee shops in that area. This trip we tried out The Film Cafe for an iced coffee to cool off.

That afternoon we decided to head to the ROM to enjoy some air conditioning and check out the exhibits. One museum is usually enough on each trip, but the nice thing about the ROM is the exhibits are so diverse.

We wanted to try something a little different for our dinner out in Toronto, so that night we made reservations at N’awlins Jazz Bar on King St. Unfortunately the restaurant was quite dark inside so I don’t have many good pictures but the food was delicious and the live music was awesome.


Day 5 – Amsterdam Brewery + Toronto Island

On our last day in Toronto we decided to check out the Toronto Harbour and take a ferry across to the island. We somehow managed to snag a sunny spot on the patio at the Amsterdam Brewery for lunch and each had a flight of beers and some tasty appetizers.

We caught a ferry at the Toronto Harbour across to the island and captured some pretty scenic skyline photos.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration to do some quick weekend getaways with your significant other or your girlfriends!

We have loved using AirBnB as our accommodations for these weekend getaways as they provide unique and very affordable options! We love being able to stay right in the heart of the places we visit and being able to cook some of our own meals is a plus for saving money as students.

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