Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

This quote has been my motivation throughout nursing school. I have it hanging on my bulletin board, so every time I feel like giving up on studying for an exam or find it tough to get out of bed for those early morning clinical shifts, I remind myself why I’m doing this. That I’m pursuing my passion and I am so close to becoming a registered nurse.


Yesterday I took my graduation photos and had one of my last real lectures of university, and boy did that make me start to feel sentimental. What a journey this has been. It’s crazy to think in just a few months I’ll be walking across the stage to collect my degree and then I will be embarking on an amazing career.

Nursing school has been quite the feat. More stress than I have ever experienced in my life, but so many beautiful moments that made the struggle so worthwhile. I’ve been able to touch so many lives…handing a brand new baby to their excited parents, consoling the family of a dying patient, and having some of the most real human conversations with patients, I’ve ever had.

Becoming a nurse has made me grow so much as a person. I’ve become grounded in my values and beliefs, I’ve gained confidence I didn’t know I had, and most importantly I’ve learned about the value of self-care. Working with sick patients really opened my eyes to keeping my body healthy. We are only given one body and one mind, so it is SO important to take care of them.

I’ve realized how valuable the role of a nurse is to the healthcare system. How we are very independent, yet also able to work inter-professionally on a team. The ways we go above and beyond for our patients, despite being exhausted ourselves, 8 hours into a 12 hour shift.

Being a nurse is so much more than the technical skills we do, it’s really the compassion and drive to care that keep us going. Realizing that we are all human beings and that if the tables were turned, knowing the quality of care we would want for ourselves or our family members if we were on the other side of the bed.

Nursing brings so many opportunities to continue to learn and grow as a professional. That’s what will keep fuelling my fire. Realizing that there are so many places to go with this career is so exciting.

Now, to write a couple of final exams, find out where I will be consolidating, and prepare myself for the N-clex and before I know it, my badge will say “RN”.


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