Sundays are for self-care.

Sunday is the perfect time to reflect on the week you’re leaving behind and set a good precedent for a busy week ahead! Obviously, as any other university student does, sometimes my Sundays are spent studying, but when I have one to spare I take full advantage to…

Organize + clean my apartment. Starting the week off with a clean place does wonders to how I feel during the week. Although I tend to be careless and messy, I feel stressed when my place is not clean and organized. When my fridge is full, my laundry is done, my room is organized…I feel so much more in control!

Reflect on the week past/plan for the week ahead. Although I keep my iCal up to date, I find writing out what is coming up/my goals for the week really helps to nail into my mind the things I need to do. I love using the Happiness Planner, as it allows me to not only plan out my week, but reflect on the week that’s just past. Not only is it a planner, but it contains worksheets to help you set longterm goals and has quotes to keep you motivated and inspired!


Enjoy a mini-spa at home. Sundays are for self-care and for me a huge part of that is taking care of my body. I also try not to wear makeup on the weekends unless I’m going out, so I can give my skin a chance to rest. I love to take long, hot showers, and when I have time, I spend the time to exfoliate + moisturize my skin, do a hair treatment, and a face mask.

Grind out a longer workout. Often with school and other commitments, I find I can only squeeze in 30 mins of exercise during the week. When I have a day off I try to do a longer workout, although I try to talk myself out of it, I always feel so much better after I exercise. Not only does my body feel good, but my mind does too. When the gym seems to daunting, I try to do a workout outside (in the summer) or at home (in the winter). I find my at-home workouts for free on Youtube…I love: Blogilates and Popsugar Fitness.


Prep some healthy meals. The start of my week is super busy with 7AM clinical on Mondays + Tuesdays, so I try to prep healthy meals on Sundays to bring with me to the hospital to help fuel me during my shifts. I find when I plan out what I eat, I’m less likely to feel the need to supplement my breakfasts + lunches with other bought food that may or may not be healthy. For meal prep on Sundays, I love trying out new Pinterest (<– check out my food board) recipes that are a bit more time consuming, but are always super yummy + hearty for long shifts!


Spend time with family + friends. To me there’s nothing more rejuvenating then spending time with my favourite people. Whether I can see these people in person, or give them a call, spending quality time with the people who are the most important to me really helps me to reflect and reset for the week ahead.

Take some me time. On the other hand, I always recognize that I need to also take time for myself when I have a day off, whether it’s watching Netflix or going out and checking out a new coffee shop by myself, taking some focused time to myself is important to my mental wellbeing.

Sundays can really be any day of the week, but just making a day dedicated to reflection and preparation can really be helpful to being happy and successful during busy weeks. Although I don’t always practice what I preach, being a fourth year nursing student, I recognize the need to change my habits as I enter the workforce to do a job where it is imperative to take time for self-care.


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