The start of something new.

Earlier this year I made a resolution to write. Not everyday, but when I felt the need to express myself or get something troubling off my chest. Writing is my creative outlet and my punching bag all-in-one. My writing incorporates a mixture of thoughts – some positive, but also some negative. Writing was always something I enjoyed doing, but never set aside the time for.

After occasionally jotting down my thoughts and feelings over the past few months, I can honestly say that writing has become my therapy. Lately, I’ve contemplated putting my thoughts out there, but it’s taken me a few months to build up the courage to do so. Although I write for myself, I believe some of my thoughts could be valuable to others. If you are reading this, I do warn you, please expect some of my writing to be raw and grammatically incorrect – that’s the only way to make this as real as possible.

So, here it goes. My blog has begun.

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