Enjoy the small things.

The older I get, the more I realize that it’s so important to cherish every moment. I must remember to take in a deep breath whenever I feel myself getting caught up in the moment and find my centre.

There are so many little things in life to enjoy – delicious food, friendly strangers, beautiful scenery, thoughtful words, music that seems to fit my mood perfectly, vibrant colours…things I may experience on a regular basis OR once-in-a-lifetime…yet each is a beautiful aspect of life that must be recognized.

I’ve realized how important it is to live each day like it’s my last and appreciate the beauty the world has to offer. I must find peace – even during busy moments OR times of waiting.

Sometimes the best times of life are doing what someone else might consider as nothing – but to me, these are the special moments. Though they might not be significant memories in my brain…they are moments to sit and reflect – which are just as important as the business of life.

I want to stop worrying about tomorrow – stop planning every moment of my life. Life is so much better if you take time to enjoy the moment. I want to spend time alone and cherish those moments, I don’t want all of my energy to come from being around others. Whether it’s writing, reading, taking photos, cooking & eating, singing, listening to music, swimming, yoga – it’s so important to be comfortable doing activities alone.

I’d like to start meditating – to release the tension I feel physically, but also mentally. I want to be able to go to another mind space – away from the physical world. My own special place. I want my writing to be therapeutic – reflecting whatever I’m feeling and experiencing in that moment.

Sometimes I’m not going to feel myself, but I just need to stop and figure out why in order to keep going. I want to inspire others – allow them to see the rawness of my thoughts. I might decide to share my writing someday – on a blog, or a book or something. Although my journal entries are often scattered, someone else might be able to gain something from them. Although I’m open to sharing, I don’t want to alter my honesty to please someone else.

As I write this entry – sitting in Starbucks, sipping my vanilla latte, listening to Ed Sheeran (in my own little world, although I’m surrounded by people) — I feel peaceful and happy with where I’m at.

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