About me.

I’m Rosalyn, a registered nurse living in Ottawa, Canada. I’m passionate about my career and about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. On my days off you can find me exploring my city, hiking local trails, writing at a coffee shop, on the couch watching Netflix and drinking a glass of wine, or enjoying time spent with friends and family.

I love my city and I’m passionate about helping others to discover it’s unique quirks and activities. I moved to Ottawa from the GTA for university and I’ve never looked back. Over the past six years, I’ve explored so much of the city, tried different restaurants, and gone on weekend getaways just a quick road trip away.

I’ve created this blog with hopes to share my love for exploring and having new experiences and to inspire people to live life to the fullest and be present in each moment.

I hope in turn to make connections with you, please reach out by the contact form below or through my social media.

Latest posts.

Making our house a home.

A few months ago after a crazy time searching in the booming Ottawa real estate market, my partner and I bought our first home together. Thinking back, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt “at home” where I lived and I can honestly say I’m thriving with that feeling. My parents divorced after elementaryContinue reading “Making our house a home.”

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2 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Hi Rosalyn great blog! we will there with Montfort Hospital November the 3th, do you have any personnal adress.

    Have a nice week end.


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